For new runners: Turning on/off GOTY/Unlocking specific maps and ladders/Useful Game Settings/Calculating In-Game Time

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Here is a guide to get yourself up and running if you're planning to run ut99. I will constantly update this guide as is needed. Click any of the titles under "Index" to quickly go through this guide.



I. Turning the GOTY edition for the ladder on and off

Most of the current runs have the GOTY edition off as having the GOTY edition on adds more maps (hence, a longer speedrun):

1. Find your Unreal Tournament ini file, and open it up with the notepad program. It should be in the system folder wherever you installed it, For Example:


2. CTRL+F on your keyboard to find this section: [UTMenu.UTLadder] .It should look like this:


If you do not have that section above, then just copy and paste the two bolded lines above into your ini. It will create the setting for you.

3. Set "bGOTY=True" If you want the GOTY maps in the ladder. Set it to "bGOTY=False" if you do not want the GOTY maps in the ladder.

4. Save the ini file and close it. Start up UT and it should work.


II. How to manipulate the user ini so you can practice/run any of the ladders

To practice or play a specific ladder do the following:

1. Find your user.ini, and open it up with the notepad program. This is NOT the same file as your UnrealTournament.ini that is in the above guide. Though, It should be inside the same system folder as the unreal tournament.ini, which is wherever you installed Unreal Tournament. For example:


2. CTRL+F on your keyboard to find the [UTMenu.SlotWindow] section. This is where your saved games are located. You should see something similar to this:


Save 0 corresponds with your first saved game and Save 4 is your last saved game. The different numbers have different meanings as to how many maps you have completed and such. "YourNameHere" is where you can put your name. Note that the first 0 is the game difficulty. So right now these save files are configured for the "Novice" difficulty.

3. Copy and Paste any of these codes where the "=" is on any of the saves:

Domination ladder: =0\1\6\13\0\-1\0\-1\0\-1\0\0\F\1\YourNameHere
CTF ladder: =0\1\6\13\3\4\2\1\-1\1\0\0\F\1\YourNameHere
Assault ladder: =0\1\6\13\3\4\2\4\1\1\0\0\F\1\YourNameHere
Challenge Ladder: =0\1\6\13\6\9\6\9\6\6\1\0\F\1\YourNameHere
Completed game with all maps beaten (good for practicing individual maps) =0\1\6\13\6\9\6\9\6\6\6\3\F\1\YourNameHere

So if I want the Challenge Ladder unlocked in my first save and the ctf ladder unlocked in my third save it would look like this


4. That should do it. You can set each save to a different unlock, or you can have them all set to the ladder you are running or whatever you desire. Save the INI and close the file.

There is now a text file with all of the ladder unlocks listed in the resource section. This is useful if you do not want to have to keep revisiting this page whenever you need the lines to unlock the ladders you want.


III. Useful settings in the In-Game Menu (Currently In Progress)

Here are some useful and cool things to know about the In Game Menu settings in UT99. This section does not edit any graphics or game settings in either the Unreal Tournament or the User ini files. That can be much more complex. This just is a quick walk through of the in-game settings that are accessible via the ut menu.

1. Weapon Order:

This is by far the most important setting to me when I run. At the top of the UT window select "Options" and click "Weapons" from the drop down menu. It should bring up a menu that has a list of weapons on the left. This list is the order the auto switch will follow when you pick up weapons. Click on any weapon and drag it to the top of the list if you want that weapon to always be auto switched into when you pick it up. So, if the sniper is on the top of the list, then no matter what weapon you have in hand, you will automatically switch to the sniper rifle once you pick it up. For example, my top four in order are:

1. Sniper Rifle
2. Shock Rifle
3. Flak Cannon
4. Minigun

Alternatively, you can turn auto-switch weapons off by unchecking the box under the list of weapons. Most of the online weapons players use keybinds to manually switch to weapons whenever they desire. I plan on listing some useful keybinds in the near future in this guide.

2. Hud Settings.(In Progress)


IV. Calculating In-Game Time

Currently, Calculating the In-Game time is done by adding up all of the In-Game times manually after the completion of a run. As of now (11/4/2016), In-Game time is NOT required to be calculated in order for a run to be submitted. The mods have it set up so that it is done by real time (you need a third party timer like live split).

1. Complete a run in any of the categories. Make sure to record it obviously.

2. Go back through your vid and note what your time was at the completion of each map. You can find your elapsed time for the map at the bottom of the screen at the end screen of each map under "elapsed time". You can see at the bottom of this screen shot that it took me 39 seconds to complete Turbine:

Note that the Assault end screen looks a bit different. The time will be listed at the top of the end screen in larger font I believe.

3. After you have noted all of your completion times, you can either add the times up manually to get your overall in-game time, or you can input them into a website to have it automatically calculated for you such as this one:

Assault and any run that includes the assault ladder (such as a full-game run) will be different. You will need to input any times from the Assault ladder twice because whatever time you complete the map in during the offense stage is repeated during the defense stage of the map. For example, if you complete Frigate in 17 seconds, then your total in-game time for Frigate is 17+17 or 34 seconds.

4. Your in-game time should be calculated and you can submit the time along with your real time on the submit run page.


V. Conclusion

Let me know if there are any issues following this guide (you can post on the forum or pm me whenever they get that up and running), and I will be more than happy to help you!

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