New-er Categories - Individual Ultra Character trials
8 years ago
Florida, USA

Hey there! I was wondering if we could add individual trial categories for each character. There are two trial options in game but I was thinking it would be for the Ultra trials which have trials for all characters. As far as timing is concerned, timer would start when you select the characters name from the trial menu and end when the final "Clear!" flashes gold on the last trial. I would like to see this implemented because I have began speedrunning specific character's trials and I think having a smaller category would get people interested in trying out speedrunning the trials rather than jumping right into the daunting 6 hour task of doing all trials.

Massachusetts, USA

This already exists. Please check the "Level Leaderboards"!

What characters are you interested in running? I would love to provide some competetion.

Florida, USA

I'm dumb! Didn't see that. I'm running Balrog and Evil Ryu right now since I play those characters competitively. I see you did Ryu, I might try that next. I have good execution and I play USF4 seriously and I'm a fan of other speedrun games, so I thought it would be fun and funny to try doing it with street fighter lol. Submitting 2 runs now

Massachusetts, USA

Thanks for the competition! I went and beat your runs :)

Washington, USA
He/Him, They/Them
3 years ago

Question regarding IL's, can you go to the menu after completing a trial (when it says "success!") and go to the next trial? Or do runners have to wait for all of the "clear!" messages to appear? To me, it seems like as long as the trial shows success you can move forward, and then use "Clear!" as when to stop the timer.

Tennessee, USA

You have to wait for the clear message because it doesn't actually count otherwise. You can test it on a fresh save file, the completion icon doesn't appear if you skip after seeing "Success"

It also incentivizes creative strategies like animation skips, avoiding slow knockdowns, etc if you have to let the full trial play out.

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