Charlotte, NC, USApawdugan6 years ago

It's been the same result with skippies the harpie's speech too. Never been able to pin down the trigger. Could only imagine what a TAS could turn up. Maybe we'll finally understand the timing/cycles of Mordack showing up for sleep and when/where the blue guard will appear.

Charlotte, NC, USApawdugan7 years ago

Congrats on the updated record everyone! Love to see more names on the board (just hope I'll have a shot at regaining the title someday).

Just some notes that were pinging around in my head for the different versions of the game (disk version, french, etc). I remember experimenting with the french version (which is identical I think to the disk version) and thought it would be immeasurably faster as you could skip the old-man-fixing-up-cedric cutscene and appear right at Mordack's Island.

Trouble was slow transitions and longer animations, plus the threat of copy protection in 5-6 spots. If you could somehow memorize the copy protection or do it quickly enough, I'm still curious if that would be enough to offset the other slowdowns. My tried seemed to say everything broke even more or less.

Same thing with ScummVM. Things were overall slower going, but you didn't have to futz around with the Heap Error skip at the wand machine. Looks like DOSBox is the way to go overall, but love to see more experimenting.

I think I may give 100% a try some day, doesn't seems like much more time would be needed to accomplish it.

Charlotte, NC, USApawdugan7 years ago

We'll have to do some more research into this! I was worried about the lamb points but never took the time to check out the footage to see if the points counted or not. I'll revisit that run and do a point by point analysis of my route. For now though, congrats on the new time!!

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