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As mentioned you activate the autosplitter through livesplit. It IS a dedicated autosplitter. You have to set SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake as your game name in your splits window and you'll see the option to activate the autosplitter.

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There seems to be a lot of hating, largely justified, but I want to start with some positives. Firstly I'm really glad that the site now has a unified theme. Whatever your own opinion on the theme change is (I personally think it's fine), it's definitely better to have one theme throughout. The leaderboard layout itself is fine, the page just needs to increase in size by about 50%. Showing game stats and recent runs on the main board page is a great addition, showing the forum posts alongside that however is not so idea for many communities. I think that would be best solved with an option. On to my complaint...

Alright look the "Games Followed" box on every user is actually ridiculous, I know others are complaining about it but I have to pile on because this never should have happened. This should have at worst an option to disable it, and should really be opt-in not opt-out. Ideally it probably wouldn't exist at all, seems like pointless information and it is quite surprising to me that it's even being tracked. Seriously though who thought this box even needed to exist in the first place??? For the majority of users the page is already far longer than their PB list just because of these sidebars scrolling off the screen.

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This thread was long dead and there was no reason to bring it back up. To be extra clear if you're playing the PC version of the game it's classified as PC.

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Cutting out loads in rehydrated makes an even playing field because load times depend on individual PC hardware. By contrast console hardware is more unified, with only a few differences that can impact the run, like the disc drive. Load removal is unnecessary for BfBB because the loads are consistent and a disc drive in good health will perform the same as any other disc drive of that type.

I don't understand your argument about emulation. We allow emulators on the board. Right now that only includes Dolphin as other emulators are not accurate enough. Dolphin properly emulates the GameCube's disc drive and because of that load times on dolphin match those of a real GameCube.

Additionally, removing loads has some negatives:

  1. Requires a good quality capture card.
  2. Requires a good computer to monitor that video feed and perform the relevant computations on it.
  3. More than just load times are different with faster disc drives. Lag clips are the most obvious example of this, with some becoming currently not RTA viable with the fastest disc drives. If loads were to be removed you could simply play on the slowest xboxes with no time penalty, enjoy easier gameplay, and be able to some strats not possible on the faster xboxes. This artificially lowers the skill ceiling and creates an opportunity to save more time than should be possible.
  4. There is very little work into video based autosplitters for BfBB at the moment. It is still an open question on how loads could be reliably and accurately removed in the first place.
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You cannot just accuse a player of cheating and not provide any shred of evidence or explanation. I'm locking this thread.

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In response to this and your other posts, the way we add categories is typically as follows:

  1. People express interest in a category/ruleset
  2. People route the category
  3. People run the category and continue to show interest
  4. The category will then be considered for the boards.

With this process in mind I would suggest you would better spend your time communicating in the Discord server with other runners about your ideas as it is much more active than these forums.

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Remapping through steam is allowed so yes you should be able to do that.

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Been a while since I ran the game actively but I think the IGT doesn't track cutscenes or something like that. It also is going to go back to an old state if you reload a backup save (maybe even when you die, not sure) and it won't track time while on the main menu.

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In OG BfBB you manipulate the fish AI by pressing the L button. I don't believe that it's possible to make them fall out of the sea needle in this game right now.

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You still need to make sure you're dolphin configuration doesn't have fast loads though. Usually this is achieved by leaving "Speed Up Disc Transfer Rate" off

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Not sure if you've seen yet but the revision number was added at some point earlier so you should be good to submit now

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Does Xbox not have a builtin way to stream to twitch? If not you can use a webcam to record your screen for console runs

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There is no hard rule on video resolution. However, things like the Revision must still be clearly readable and the gameplay needs to be clear enough to be understood.

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A consistent way to pause is by pressing the pause button...

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Yes this is known, but as others have pointed out, it's unlikely to be used.

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We are now enforcing a 60fps cap on the boards. If your previous runs were capped at 60fps when initially performed, and meet all other rules, you are eligible to resubmit them.

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This is the same reason that shooting the invisible button with a cruise missile works. It's faster in most routes to do moat in late game anyway so we just use the missile.

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Do a run and show it off. Don't let the board dictate what you can and can't run. I will say though seeing it added will probably be unlikely, as warpless is already an extremely niche category with very few runners.

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