Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
  X-Wing A-Wing Speeder Y-Wing V-Wing Millennium Falcon TIE Interceptor Naboo Starfighter
Ambush at Mos Eisley 1m 08s
1st place

0m 37s
8th place

1m 03s
2nd place
The Search for the Nonnah

3m 29s
1st place

Liberation of Gerrard V

0m 35s
1st place

Imperial Construction Yards

1m 14s
1st place

Assault on Kile II

1m 20s
1st place

Rescue on Kessel 0m 21s
1st place

Battle Above Taloraan

1m 27s
1st place
Raid on Sullust

1m 13s
1st place
Battle of Calamari

2m 44s
1st place