Clear Collectibles B-Side C-Side
Forsaken City 1m 16s 245ms
200th place
3m 59s 955ms
6th place

Old Site
3m 38s 433ms
9th place

  Time Attack
1-1 0m 28s 670ms
1st place
1-2 0m 31s 190ms
1st place
1-4 0m 32s 170ms
1st place
1-5 0m 34s 200ms
1st place
1-6 0m 33s 570ms
1st place
1-7 0m 34s 590ms
1st place
1-8 0m 32s 920ms
1st place
2-4 0m 28s 300ms
1st place
3-1 0m 44s 550ms
1st place
3-7 0m 31s 600ms
1st place
6-1 0m 33s 970ms
1st place
6-4 0m 36s 990ms
1st place
7-1 0m 49s 540ms
1st place
The Wonderful End of the World
In the beginning 0m 38s
3rd place
Arcadia Secret Level 1m 33s
2nd place
Freedom Planet
  Lilac Carol Milla
Mahjong 0m 25s
4th place