Super Smash Bros.
  Very Easy 5 Stock Normal 3 Stock Very Hard 1 Stock Break the Targets Board the Platforms
Luigi 13m 30s 999ms
28th place

Mario 13m 31s 999ms
42nd place

Donkey Kong 12m 45s 500ms
35th place

Kirby 19m 17s 960ms
33rd place

Pikachu 17m 32s 130ms
30th place

Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition
  Star 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star 6 100 Coin IW
Bob-Omb Battlefield

0m 42s 830ms
1st place

Super Mario Odyssey 64
  Single Star Stage RTA
Whomp's Fortress 2m 08s 660ms
2nd place

Cool, Cool Mountain 1m 24s 560ms
2nd place
4m 07s 190ms
1st place
Snowman's Land 0m 07s 560ms
1st place, 2nd place

Tall, Tall Mountain 0m 20s 800ms
3rd place, 1st place

Rainbow Ride 0m 05s 930ms
3rd place

Bowser Courses 0m 26s 700ms
3rd place, 2nd place, 2nd place

SM64 - The Green Comet
  Single Star Stage RTA
Whomp's Old Fortress 0m 08s 630ms
2nd place

The Dark World 0m 10s 160ms
1st place