Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
  Solo Cooperative Synced Synced Cooperative
The Lost City of Amdapor

11m 19s
1st place

The Wanderer's Palace (Hard)
6m 30s
3rd place

Amdapor Keep (Hard)
5m 28s
5th place

The Great Gubal Library

16m 06s
2nd place

The Fractal Continuum

17m 00s
2nd place

The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)

15m 29s
2nd place

Ala Mhigo

22m 14s
2nd place

The Swallow's Compass

18m 02s
2nd place

The Bowl of Embers

2m 11s
2nd place

The Navel

2m 48s
1st place

The Howling Eye

3m 37s
2nd place

Cape Westwind

0m 57s
2nd place

A Relic Reborn: The Chimera

1m 30s
3rd place

The Bowl of Embers (Hard)

2m 50s
2nd place

The Navel (Hard)

3m 59s
1st place

The Whorleater (Hard) 2m 10s
5th place

The Striking Tree (Hard) 3m 01s
7th place

3m 48s
1st place

Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard) 1m 41s
8th place

Urth's Fount

4m 04s
1st place

The Howling Eye (Extreme)
0m 10s
11th place

The Whorleater (Extreme) 3m 22s
6th place

The Striking Tree (Extreme)
0m 12s
2nd place

Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme) 3m 13s
12th place

Thok ast Thok (Hard) 3m 55s
5th place

The Singularity Reactor 6m 40s
5th place

Containment Bay P1T6 15m 09s
5th place

The Limitless Blue (Extreme)

5m 42s
2nd place