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Version 2.00 of Unlock Everything has now been released (both on ddrkirby.com and at itch.io).

Changelog is as follows:

- Decreased the health of cannons from 10 to 6
- Decreased the health of the path-based enemies from 5 to 4
- Added a different "tink" sound effect when shooting invincible spike traps
- Implemented a terminal falling velocity limit
- Add commonly-suggested "You unlocked the door" joke for level 2
- Unlocks are now saved across game sessions
- Added a "Reset Game Data" option if you want to unlock everything again
- Added new "Time Attack" mode for speedrunners:
Time Attack mode skips all cutscenes and popups and enables an in-game timer display
The timer ticks on each physics frame and pauses on screen/level transitions
The current set of splits and total time will be displayed after each level
- Added some "cheat codes" for speedrunners:
Left + Right + Tab + 'T' on main menu unlocks Time Attack mode
Left + Right + Tab + 'R' during Time Attack instantly exits to Time Attack menu

Hopefully this helps with all of the timing nonsense and makes for a much better speedrunning experience. All existing records should probably be purged -- the game should just be timed using the in-game timer, which counts actual physics ticks.

Some random associated notes regarding the time attack run, especially things that have changed:
- IGT stops ticking during screen transitions. It does not stop during death (except for the screen transition).
- The level 1 opening cutscene is skipped -- you instead immediately start at the screen with the "move right" upgrade
- IGT does not start ticking until you collect this upgrade
- Since there are no unlock popups, you can no longer buffer moving left after collecting the "move left" upgrade -- this must be timed
- Enemies have reduced HP -- in particular, the cannon enemies -- which may change existing room strategies
- A terminal velocity limit now exists. This mostly affects the long drop at the end of level 2
- Starting time attack mode at Level 3 gives you the "backgrounds" unlock even though this is usually skipped in a normal run. This is purely an aesthetic difference.
- Since the health recharge pickup before metal man no longer costs you any time, it is essentially a "free" pickup. This doesn't really matter though since any optimized run will avoid taking any damage in the Metal Man fight anyways.
- Final timing for level 3 ends immediately when "Metal Man" dies.

Note that since the "start at level 2" and "start at level 3" options assume that you pick up all of the upgrades in each level, they can't be used to simulate a "low %" / minimum unlocks run.

This release hasn't been thoroughly tested yet so it's possible there may be bugs -- feel free to ping me if you find anything that is broken (crosses fingers)

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All of this is really amazing for speedrunning, thank you.

@Horridhenry257Horridhenry257 @KubaTM @NOOBSKINSPAMMERNOOBSKINSPAMMER I'd suggest archiving all current runs or creating a version variable as a subcategory (split between 2.00+ and Pre-2.00).

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i put all the old runs in a v1.x category and created a v2.00 category.

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The shortcuts to unlock Time Attack and reset don't seem to work on Mac.


In a future update, could you create a new "cheat code" to go back to the last screen you were on ?


"The shortcuts to unlock Time Attack and reset don't seem to work on Mac."

So there's nothing wrong with the shortcut itself, but unfortunately certain keyboards don't allow for this keyboard combination to be pressed in the first place. I've tested this on a MBP (use a site such as https://keyboardchecker.com/) and it doesn't seem like you can hold tab and have both arrow keys recognized. Using an external input program works fine, so this is actually just an unfortunate hardware key rollover limitation (or a silly driver quirk).

I know this is a silly workaround you shouldn't have to do, but you could use an app to send the appropriate key config to your machine?

"In a future update, could you create a new "cheat code" to go back to the last screen you were on?"

As discussed on Discord this would be a little more involved than simply warping your position; I'd have to restore the timing states of all enemies as well, since they currently run on a global timer.

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FYI: v2.01 is now released and up.

The only change was a bugfix -- level 1 was using the time attack start point, even when time attack mode was off =( This meant the opening cutscene was skipped entirely.

Actual speedrunning shouldn't be affected at all. It's worth noting that this build was compiled on a different version of godot, so there may (?) be slight performance differences (webgl audio maybe?) but otherwise everything should be the same.



v2.01 had numerous bugs that were introduced by the new godot version that I didn't notice until now (serves me right for rushing and not testing it thoroughly).

v2.02 has now been released using an older version of the engine. I've played through the entire game and things seem to be back to normal.

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