gsampson53 old runs
6 years ago
Georgia, USA

I'm finding a bit strange that I see times on here that aren't on the leaderboards. like, for stage 5, says he has a 15 second time (including others) but on the leaderboards now, WR is 17 seconds... explain

Baltimore, MD, USA

he might have a different region or own a preowned copy

Georgia, USA

I can see how that works... but can times really just disappear? It was 2016 after all.

Baltimore, MD, USA

I think he has a different region than you. If he shows the leaderboard and shows a video I don't see how it could possibly be fake

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Rule Update: Video Proof.

The moderation team has decided that video proof will be required for all runs. This is because the Nintendo 3DS is extremely easy to hack, which means you can modify the time to show a world record time on any level.

An example of this would be here:

1 month ago