6 years ago
Ohio, USA

How would I submit times for Bonus Stage 26, 27, and 28?

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Georgia, USA

Also referring to this is that almost all stages have more stages then are in the game. Like Zelda 2, has 10 stages, but 25 are shown! Can we fix this and munchlax's thing?

Baltimore, MD, USA

the problem is, I'd have to delete every existing run to make each game have the right number of stages, i can only add more stages to each one (sorry for late reply)

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Rule Update: Video Proof.

The moderation team has decided that video proof will be required for all runs. This is because the Nintendo 3DS is extremely easy to hack, which means you can modify the time to show a world record time on any level.

An example of this would be here:

1 month ago