WR Hype Chat: For those who want one like me
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WR Hype Chat: For those who want one like me
Ohio, USA

Got a 6.6 in Mario Bros. Stage 1 today which is WR by .2 seconds!

Ohio, USA

I assume country doesn't matter...

Georgia, USA

Im gonna take a few records now

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Ohio, USA

Cool nice records. If only I were that good at Zelda II :/.

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Ohio, USA

Don't expect that Kirby's Adventure Stage 1 record to last long lol

Ohio, USA

WR HYPE: 11:06 PM EST 10-10-17: The day I got the first ever sub 10 in history (that has been recorded) on Remix II Stage 8. 9.8 isn't my full potential yet BUT I am very satisfied with it for now.

Ohio, USA

I'm mindblown. When I was on that page last night the highest was 10.5

Ohio, USA

Turns out it was the wrong page :/

Ohio, USA

Anyways I have a question about the existance of an NES Remix Discord channel?

North Carolina, USA

I don't know of any. :O Could probably make one. For some reason it seems like traffic for the series has really risen in the last few months.

Ohio, USA

Sounds like a good idea. Send me an invite when it's made :).

I got a 10.6 on Kirby's Adventure Stage 2 yesterday. 10.5 definitely feels possible.

Ohio, USA

It probably is :) gl on getting 10.5

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thank you :)

I got a 10.5 2 days ago! https://i.imgur.com/sfuriY8.png

Franche-Comté, France

WR. http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2018/42/6/1540044135-win-20181020-160115.jpg

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