DOS and SMS as separate categories
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DOS and SMS as separate categories
Pennsylvania, USA

Hey guys, I suggest splitting the DOS version of this game and SMS version into separate categories. I'm coming to this game after loving it as a kid (I had the old manuals and even the ankh necklace that game with the original game!) so I took a look at the current WR for the DOS/SMS category. The SMS version has many obvious cosmetic differences that are hard to quantify in terms of actual time impact, but the 3 clear ones are load times, menuing, and typing.

Load times on the SMS between a number of screens on DOS (Box) appear to be faster (I haven't actually measured though).

Menuing is WAY easier on DOS given the keyboard shortcuts for everything and would significantly impact time. Same goes for typing when it comes to speaking to NPCs, typing mantras, etc...

Just my opinion, and as I plan to run the DOS version I think things would end up heavily in my favor, but for the sake of fairness, they do seem like they should be separate. I do wonder why they made the game so distinctly different across all the supported platforms!

Kanagawa, Japan

Seems like a good justification to me. What does everyone else think?

Kanagawa, Japan

I went ahead and split the categories, since the justification seems strong enough.

She/Her, They/Them
4 years ago

Agreed on this split. The games will have significantly different runs.

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