Full Game Easy Turbo Strats

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Here are my notes for upgrades for full game easy turbo

I will update this guide as suggested in the forums

This is a VERY incomplete guide I made on the fly going through once - it's the strategies I used in my run. The one change I'd recommend is possibly changing from Fireball (rear) to Sonic once you can have it max upgraded... since a max upgraded Sonic is better than Fireball. I still prefer fireball at level 4 to anything other than max sonic though.

Also, I seem to be missing a generator upgrade in here somewhere... O.O that's problematic, because generator is what regenerates your shields.

If you can make any improvements, missing levels, typos, or optimizations please comment with ideas, and I'll edit. GOOD LUCK to anyone running this fantastic game 🙂

Episode 1
- Starting
Front Gun +1
Right Sidekick Plasma Storm
NOTE: The "spikes" near the end are worth 1,000 each... they are killable with TWO plasma storms, which leaves you TWO plasma storms, which will regenerate to THREE by the time you get to the boss

- After Tyrian
Front +2 = 4
Rear Sonic +1 = 2
Shield = Upgrade

- After Asteroid 1
Generator +1

- After Savara
Rear Fireball 4 (and for the most part keep it at 4, since it's the most spread out at 4, and cheap)

DIE (Bonus)

- After Mines
Ship - Gencore Phoenix
Front +1 = 5

- After Delani
Ship = Gencore Maelstrom
Generator Upgrade
Rear -1 = 4
Front +1 = 7

- After Savara V
Left Sidekick = Plasma Storm
Front Upgrade

Episode 2


- After Torm
Shield = Class B
Rear +1 = 5 (because there's a generator in the next level)

- After Gyges
Ship Upgrade
Back = 4 (to free up money, and make the spread as big as possible)
Front = Max

DIE (Bonus)

Shield Upgrade

- After Ast City

DIE (Bonus)

- After Bonus
Ship Upgrade

- After Soy Jin
Front Upgrade

- After Botany B (Botany A and B same length, B slightly easier)

Episode 3
Front 8
Rear 8 (because there's a generator on the left side in this level coming up)

- After Guantlet
Rear 8
Front 10

- After Ixmucane

BONUS (get the powerup, then DIE)

- After Stargate
Ship Upgrade

- After Camaris
Back 7
Front LASER max upgarded

DIE (Bonus)

- After Fleet

Episode 4 (three difficult bosses in this episode, also the longest and most difficult of the 5 episodes by far)
No upgrades

- After Surface
Rear upgrades

- After Lava Run
Shield Class C
DO NOT KILL THE "timed" BOSS IN CORE - this saves about 100 seconds (1:40) - if you DO kill the boss you will play "Lava Exit" - if you DON'T you'll play "Side Exit", "?Tunnel?" AND "Ice Exit" -- however my notes are for killing the boss... so I'm not sure what to purchase in Lava Exit

- After Core

- After Side Exit

- After Tunnel
Ship Stalker 21.126 (it's cheaper but better than more expensive ships... O.O)

- After Ice Exit
Rear upgrade if not already max
"Harvest" level has a hard boss... careful

- After Harvest

- After Underdeli

- After Approach
"Dread Not" level next, difficult boss

- After Savara IV
Shield Max

- After Eyespy

- After Brainiac
"Nose Drip" difficult boss level

- After Nose Drip

Episode 5
All of episode 5 is easy... when given the choice, go with Soy Jin

After Station upgrade shield

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