Full Game Easy Turbo - Soh Jin Route buying guide

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So here's my buying guide for the Soh Jin route. Assume that "+" means that number or more and "-" means that number or lower in order to get the rest of the items.

Good luck!

Shield - Gencore Low Energy Shield
Rear Gun - Sonic Wave 4
Notes: Kill the first U Ship as it paths diagonal for a rear weapon pod. Don't kill the rest in that U ship line to allow the secret orb ship to spawn right before the boss (you can kill a few of them and still get this, just don't kill them all).

Soh Jin
Rear Gun - Sonic Wave 1
Sheild - MicroCorp HXS Class A
Right Sidekick - Plasma Storm
Front Gun - Pulse-Cannon 3+
Notes: Stay on the left side and use Plasma Storm for safety! Or don't if you're way better than I am, ya slick bastard.

Asteroid 2
Rear Gun - Sonic Wave 4
Notes: Wait for the starting tanks to turn around to get free weapon pods or specials

Generator - Gencore Custom MR-12
Front Gun - Pulse-Cannon 4+
Notes: Kill Blimps for points!

Bonus (die)
Generator - Standard MicroFusion

Ship - - Gencore Phoenix

Front Gun - Pulse-Cannon 3-
Rear Gun - Sonic Wave 5+
Notes: Free weapon pods from the row of three grey ships.

Savara V
Front Gun - Pulse-Cannon 5+
Ship - - Gencore Maelstrom
Notes: Kill more blimps. You should be able to to kill all of the easy, but use plasma if you have to.

Left Sidekick - Plasma Storm
Front Gun - Pulse-Cannon 6+
Notes: Use plasma on the bosses arms, but save at least two to kill the body.

Notes: Kill the weird dragons for extra points. There's a weapon pod on the right side about 1/3 of the way through the level.

Notes: Kill the Red Triangle Square with blue eyeballs enemy that appears early on for a free weapon pod.

Bonus (die)

Front Gun - Pulse-Cannon 9+
Rear Gun - Sonic Wave 6+

Bonus (die)
Ship - - MicroCorp Stalker

Soh Jin

Botany B
Generator - Advanced MicroFusion


Rear Gun - Sonic Wave 7+
Notes: Free weapon pod on the left side.


Bonus (die)

Notes: Two of the spikes are killable. Free 20k if you get both, but considering how dangerous they can be, I wouldn't go out of your way to risk it. Kill the Tri-bubble enemies for lots of points.

Rear Gun - Sonic Wave 8+

Bonus (die)
Front Gun - Laser 10+
Rear Gun - Sonic Wave 8
Notes: Laser reduces the load on your generator. Don't max to take advantage of the weapon pods in the next stage.

Notes: Kill the unique ships that fire the small red blasts to get two weapon pods or specials

Rear Gun - Sonic Wave 9+

DONE. Add as needed if not max.

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