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I noticed both Oot/MM both have No Hit/No Damage categories, I have already made a set of rules to use for the runs

The Wind Waker HD No Hit/No Damage Rules

1. Anything that causes you to lose health counts as a hit.

2. Voiding out counts as a hit

3. If you void out it no longer becomes a No Hit run however it is still good for the No Damage category

4. If you void out or get hit while using the command melody it also counts as a hit

5., blocking with your shield also counts as a hit, and you can only use your shield in the Jalhalla boss fight

6. When facing Orca any damage taken also counts as a hit

7. Glitches are not allowed in this category

8. Getting caught in Cyclos tornado and warped counts as a hit

9. Possession from a Poe does count as a hit

10. In FF if you get caught and thrown in jail it counts as a hit

11. Get grabbed by the Dead Hand (in general not just warped back to the beginning

12. Skips are allowed unless you have to perform a glitch to do it

13. Magic Armor is not allowed in this category


we make categories if there are at least 2 runs of it already and there is displayed interest

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That's a fair point thank you

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