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I was messing around with item sliding on forest haven when i accidently clipped through a wall and landed near outset island. And i was able to recreate it but im not to sure if its actually usefull in a run but here you go.


It's possible to hop (basically teleport) between nearly any pair of islands with item sliding. It could be that this spot only clips Link through when he has a specific speed, but island hopping in general is very inconsistent if it's more than 1 quadrant long. It's cool to see though, but due to it being somewhat up the island's path, superswimming is likely still faster.


This is interesting because such clips usually happen at a very specific speed, meaning that the distance you get should be consistent. That + the fact that there's a cutscene in Outset could make this a strat in All Dungeons.
However, the angle might be too precise because of the distance separing FH and Outset. The speed charge-up might also be extremely precise in order to clip quickly. It would also not be that much faster than the Beedle swim, if at all, because it requires some extra movement on FH for its set-up.
This is a very good find though. In the future, it could make for an alternative strat for people who can't do the Beedle swim fast (that's not uncommon), assuming the clip can happen while holding ZL (for the consistent angle).


yeah its really inconsistent but at least its something that could be usefull so it wasnt completely worthless to try it xD