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I guess the only reason it works with moonjump is, because you first get knockback on the other wall and use that knockback to get to get rid of the damage barrier. With hovering there is no way to skip that knockback barrier. The wall specifications (like hight) are mentioned in the video above.

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Yeah, well, it's pretty easy. With moonjump you can "jump" high enough to actually get over this incredibly big barrier, once you've cancelled the knockback with the wind waker, of course. Otherwise you'd still fail. AFAIK. It's a dead horse anyway.

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Note that if you could cancel the knockback barrier while dead and then continue zombie hovering, you could skip the barrier. But that has been attempted tons of times accross the years with no success.

If there was a mailbox in Hyrule for exemple, then that would be possible because closing the mailbox text specifically cancels the knockback barrier, but there is no mailbox in Hyrule. If there was a spoil anywhere in Hyrule you could use the boomerang on it to grab it while you are zombie hovering, and use the spoil cutscene to cancel the knockback. But there is no accessible spoil in Hyrule before you break the barrier.
A 0 heart wind waker dive to cancel the knockback doesn't work as you would still be flashing red from the barrier when you stand up. The death cutscene can cancel the knockback but unfortunately cancelling the death cutscene cancels the state you are in and the knockback cancel with it. The forest water text doesn't cancel the knockback upon poping up, and stored textboxes do not cancel the knockback when you close them either.

I think that's pretty much it in terms of zombie hover barrier skip theories.

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this thread is closed until further notice. beep

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this thread is no longer dead


yes it is b/c this idea is stupid
my 9-month-younger-than-right-now self was an idiot

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