We took them off because there's no reason to have them. The "records" weren't exactly being kept track of properly, since there were mostly really bad IL runs submitted as "world records" that, in reality, most of us runners would beat on a daily basis in practice by minutes without even trying. Kind of a pointless leaderboard in that case, if you ask me.


You're welcome to grind and time your individual levels as you practice them as part of learning the game, but we don't need a leaderboard for that. How about instead, new people can have some patience and realize that it's okay to not have a time on a leaderboard before you've reached a point where you can submit a time you're satisfied with submitting.

When you ask for "a leaderboard for players that can't beat the entire game with a good time", what you're asking for is a leaderboard for players that can't beat an individual level with a good time either... ??


this site isnt really an appropriate place to keep such runs just find a few people who are into those sort of runs and make a google doc or some shit

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