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Since I got back into this, I've being banging my head trying to find a value to help us with load times. I've just found something that might help. All it needs is some testing.

How to use:

In livesplit, you can add in your layout (edit layout, click +), "scriptable auto splitter"
Go in "layout settings" once this is added and click the "scriptable auto splitter" tab, click browse and point it to file
You may need to restart the game or livesplit if it doesn't work. (You can see it working by changing "compare against...Game Time", also you can add a new timer and use that for just game time)

How it works:

My thoughts: it seems really good on some levels (starting when you actually gain movement even if loading screen is still up) but on others it doesn't act the same way. This could be a game that will never get an accurate load remover because of this.

EDIT: Just making it clear, I don't think I would outright swap RTA for IGT. I just like having load removers.

EDIT 2: It's more of a gameplay timer with it not working in the menu, having done a full run, it appears the only level that it is isn't consistent on is the first level. Left is RTA, right is gameplay time. looks about right to me tbh.

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Since it uses game time and ILs are based on IGT too, shouldnt this be considered the "main" way to time?


I'm hesitant to make IGT the main method for timing when the timer is like "EDIT 2" in the original post. I would maybe consider adding it so it can be a comparison but RTA right now works as the main method. IMO, menu select is part of the speedrun and the fact the timer doesn't count any of this means it can only be used as a gameplay timer.

Like I say, I'm unsure so post opinions.