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Note, just counting the ILs used in any% we can gauge around about what kind of time is possible for RTA.

Current WR: 21:41
Current WR IL times total: 19:15
Sum of best IL: 18:59


Are you adding the load/menu times?
btw are we using IGT or still RTA? I'm thinking about using the load remover so I wont need to split manually but at the same time I'm not sure how that would affect RTA splits

EDIT: I also wonder if sub 20 is possible at some point, that would be amazing


All this post is the ILs from added up. Whenever an IL is beaten, I'll edit the original post with the new sum of best. I estimate there is about 15 seconds of loading for the game, 48 seconds for the "end of round" end of level and maybe about 20 seconds in total picking the next level. Taking this into account an estimate RTA time would be about 21:52.

Load remover won't be implemented, I've attempted to make it better but this game just isn't friendly so I don't trust anything I've made. So until something comes along, RTA will stay main timing method.

Just got to beat ILs to get it sub 20. Some ILs aren't fully optimised.

Hope this is clear, I'm phone posting.

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the fact that this game can be taken down to sub 20 is stressful but also exciting

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Quick edit:
I've gone through current WR and added up the sum total of ILs. I've included it in the original post but here is the comparison if you want to see.

My estimate for this game was pretty off and sub 23 RTA is for sure possible given this data.

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yeah that makes more sense; sub 23 is possible but going to be really hard; I've yet to be able to match that skytop or disco il time which would amount to a 12 second save alone if I matched those

I'm pretty sure if we can figure out how to consistently get objects that you shouldn't be able to get (i.e lantern in beginning) then that would definitely reduce the record for certain ils further but right now sub seems to be the peak


Just an update to this thread, I do update it when IL's are beaten. So make sure to upload when beating any. https:/​/​docs.​google.​com/​spreadsheets/​d/​17u4r6lMcIAUo2J-ufYlyRSqL92DenbIg5ZbVITQdC40/​edit?usp=sharing

any% levels only.


yeah looking at that sub-23 looks a lot more feasible; could get it down to like 22:45ish