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Paintless Minimalist run

Hi there, I played through the game this morning and I thought I'd be fun to play through the Minimalist achievement without using any paint at all. I uploaded the run to YouTube and all, but there is none of that stuff on leaderboards here.

Could that type of runs be something you guys be interested in? I don't plan on playing this game anymore, but it could be a pretty cool challenge to pull off.

Let me know what you think! :)

Link to run:

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Capital Territory, Australia

Yup not an issue, I'll add the category to the leaderboard.

To keep runs consistent between categories, we play off a clean save file with no balloon's pre-purchased and use the 'Play' option to start the beginning of the run rather than 'chapter select' or 'continue'.

Based on these I shouldn't add your run to the leaderboards, but seeing as there aren't any runs in the category, I'd be happy to put your run up if you'd like to submit it. Better still, try and improve it with the above rules!

It's a shame you don't want to keep playing! It's a small community and a cute speedgame :D Thanks for your interest regardless!

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Alright thanks! I'll submit the run regardless just for tracking purposes and stuff. I really feel like this kind of category is some next level challenge (especially in the early parts of the game).

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Manitoba, Canada

This is almost interesting enough for me to try and beat it. Looks very frustrating though. Lol

Another benefit to having no balloons popped is that you can use them to see where you are in the castle.

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Every story told in What Remains of Edith Finch is interesting but Milton's is one of the most due to the obvious ties to The Unfinished Swan. However, the game does not explain clearly what happens to him. I have researched this and your instructions are very important to me. I will contact you here if I need further instructions

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