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Sorry this may be a stupid noob question, but I'm curious if this is where I am to find the official world record times and all submitted runs. Speeddemosarchive doesn't have any runs of this game posted and so this was the only legitimate large speedrun website I could find with submitted runs. But then I noticed there was no runs for "Coop hard any%" here and yet that category was run at AGDQ 2013 (and uploaded by Speeddemosarchive's youtube channel ironically). Is there some alternate underground site dedicated to runs of just this game that I'm missing?

Just curious because I'm thinking about getting into running this game as my first speed game as I'm very familiar with it (casually speaking) and still love playing it. Also want to thank all you guys for the wonderful runs and dedication!


The timesplitters series used to be part of the elite, but they dropped it a while back, and you only needed screenshots to legitimize your times.
I made a demonstration video for each story level on easy, if that's what you were thinking about learning:
Also this guy has a bunch of different IL speedruns of all difficulties and a bunch of challenges and leagues. His videos were very helpful to me when I started out:
There's also a link to the timesplitters series speedrunning discord server on the ts2 board forums, join if you want to.