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Hello, i'm planning on speedrunning the game and i was wondering if there are any known skips or glitches in the game?

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I only really play Mansion of Madness but I can confirm there's a Deerhaunter skip and a Princess glitch to pass through the rubble.

https://www.speedrun.com/tsfp/run/9mrx13gm you can see both of those demonstrated in this run and they're as straightforward as they look. Princess rubble is a bit harder though as your cutscene skip has to be really fast.

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Hey Patrick, I am now just seeing this Forum post 7 months later. Besides the Mansion of Madness glitches like Deerhaunter Skip and Princess rubble glitch, there are 2 new glitches on Story which were discovered by fellow player SpoYeR! There is the Scotland the Brave Castle Skip and the What Lies Below Box Teleport glitch. The castle skip allows the player to skip the whole section of the castle and go straight to the tank boss. On the other hand, the What Lies Bellow box teleport would have the player do a very precise and specific movement against some boxes and skip the entire level to the Princess boss fight. You should join our discord for TS Speedrunning to stay engaged or just to see what we are up to! https://discord.gg/mMdkZAGtZU