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The emulated runs are marked as hidden by default on this game only out of the TimeSplitters series. Could we change that to have them shown by default so that the emulated runs will be shown on the leader boards?

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I agree this would be a great change. Emulator runs will open up more opportunities for people to run the game. Having them hidden discourages people from doing so.

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you're still able to run the game without emu runs being shown on the boards, if you care so much about having your name up there then just buy the game lol


Obviously you are still able to run them. The point I am making is running a game on emulator shouldn't be in a category that is not shown on the leader boards standard. I own the game but why would I buy a capture card when I can run the emulator for free? Maybe now you fully understand my point.

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There's that, and I don't think financial barriers should prevent a game with a community this small from growing. Why shouldn't emulated runs count? It plays literally the exact same. If the run is legit, who cares what platform it's on? Somebody having to buy a capture card, adapters, and a good enough computer setup is fair for a game that's either: hugely popular, like Mario 64, or newer, as capturing newer games is way easier, cheaper, and smoother. That, and there's the issue of people eventually having a hard time even finding physical copies. If some 13 year old kid wants to run TS2, but doesn't have access to a credit card, she'll literally never be able to, because it's never sold in pawn shops. I've never once seen it in the real world since it was released. Please consider that not just us bitter old 30 year olds might enjoy running this and being competitive.

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Its not even a matter of financial limitations as I am a grown ass man with a job, nor is it a matter of computer limitations as I built a top of the line computer and its not even a matter of not having the game because I do in fact own the game. However, I prefer the better graphics I can get on my PC running an emulator so I would prefer to run it on that. I agree with Mox that emu runs shouldnt be hidden with a community this small. Eventually I will buy a capture card, but I think since all the other games in the series dont have emu runs hidden by default it should be that way for this game.

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a couple things, first, I think Realms response was unnecessarily rude, but that's an opinion.

secondly, the game leader-board specifies a loader option, meaning, to my understanding, running on emulator is allowed and intended to be submitted and visible. Leading me to think its a human error.

thirdly, the thing that concerned me most here is that not one moderator has responded to this thread nor seemingly fixed the issue, which mind you involves clicking a simple box.

finally, to meezers point, which I agree with, the problem is what we call a "community this small". that's a relative phrase and is unfortunately different for every community. You cant pick a number and say, 20 runners means no more emulators, no more than you can compare a game w/ 3 runners to a game with 250 runners. We need a different variable to estimate such as reliability of the emulator. Multiple people on site say dolphin works well and accurately. PS2 emulators are notoriously bad so i doubt it would be accepted if its a top 3 run. But other variables work fine if we can compare it on such grounds.

Either way this decision is at best left to the community itself (which is saying allow them) and at worst left to the mods (which I would accept) or a single individual to decide. Unfortunately for the likely outcome of the mods deciding, see point three.

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Inb4 you can't have an opinion because you don't have any IL WRs and then mine gets disregarded anyway.

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I'm fine with showing them by default but for a run to be seriously counted it'd have to be on a reliable emulator as srgtsilent suggested. Best thing we got for that right now would be dolphin, and I'd allow a top 3 run on dolphin if it was cycle accurate, but stuff like pcsx2 wouldn't do for such high rankings.


I agree with emulator runs being allowed. I can completely understand the better graphics argument. It also allows people to run better copies of the game i.e the NTSC Version of TS2 is much better to use than the PAL version.


Success! Emulator runs are now visible. Thanks Hawkrex and Jangbang for your input! Thread closed ( and I'm now 23rd 🙁 )


Hi everybody,

sorry for not coming in to give my opinion before, I'm not involved in speedrunning as much as years ago (thanks srgtsilent for noticing me on the discord).

I think that this option was never turned on and it should have been set since the begining. There was never an intention to put aside people who run on emulator since everybody is welcomed here.

I would say console runs are importants when it comes to the first runs on the leaderboard (maybe like 5 or 10 firsts). I agree that emulators don't always are precise on their internal cycle and that they depends on the runner's computer, but it's normal since they are relatively new and complex to be accurate.

If you have a good time on emulator, please consider to run the game on console so that there's no error on your IGT.

We can discuss further on this subject if you want 🙂