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hello, i have a curious question about the rules of this game. it's about the restarting rule. is quitting and then going into the same level allowed?
i ask this because i made 2 profiles to test it out. one was for restarting and quitting, the other was for just testing out quitting and re-launching the the level from
the main menu. i found out that restarting and quitting acts like you have never played the level at all (or even touched the game if you have made a new profile)
but i tried loading a match and then clicked quit but when i go to statistics in my game, it says that i have played the game.
so is "quit" allowed? or is it completely banned too? or has anybody tested it yet?

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If you quit from the menu, the in-game time you spent in the level is saved, so it is allowed.
If you restart from the pause menu, your run is invalid in any category as this does not save the time spent in that level.
Although the use case for this is very small; For example, the only place this can really be used is when you cant get a gold or platinum trophy in 100%, and the level will take a very long time to play out, so it would be optimal to quit and take the 2 minute time loss, as opposed to a 4 minute time loss from finishing the level (this can happen if you fall too far behind on Rice Cracker Rush, or any of the duels). Other than that, on story it really only should be used if the level is not possible to beat with your current health, and death is not an option.


Saves IGT:
- Ending the level (Objectives Complete)
- Quitting the level
- Death

Does not save IGT:
- Restarting mid-game from the Start |> Menu. This can be used to count IGT for ILs