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What do you mean 666Deadhunter (referring to Notre Dam 2:31; this seems to be the only way I can contact you on this site)? The RTA time IS 2:31. I thought I had done something wrong when submitting the time at first.

You have to manually time all other levels in TS2 when doing IL runs, except Siberia which also must be a new profile (see my 2:04 video for example). It's not 100 % precise, obviously, but it's either that or not have any IL runs.


I try to contact DeadHunter, your video don't go against the rules I gave and your other videos are the same, so I don't understand neither why he rejected your runs.

If he does'nt answer in a few days, I will accept your Notre Dam PB.


We can't valid a video on IL's without RTA timer because there is no proof of the time, that's all


We discussed and the problem is solved.

Have fun running everybody o/