What is needed in submitting video
5 years ago
Hong Kong

This game only have 2 followers, me and another guy which i dont know. So this idea so just my personal idea with noone to discuss with. Im alone.. Whats needed in the subbtimiting video? The timer at the end of the game could be the best proof as to show your done time. But its hh:mm hour:min, so there could be a chance that there will same in-game time record, so it will be hard to determine which record done better. Just in case, maybe record with real life time. For me, i havent done speedrun in pc and i/o spliter, i dont know how it works, i havent try to decode a game and try to find out how spliter know whens the game done. Plus for everytime, my real life timer records diffrent than ingame timer, maybe IGT removed cutsence, maybe it determin that is the null geten or what. So, yeah i think IGT is the best proof for showing your record is leggit. Or maybe just record on livestream, that could also be a good choice. Concluion: Show your IGT, maybe swipe up down your curser on the timer to show that it isnt photoshopt-ed, or swpie ypur mobile notication/setting over and out to proof it. When theres same IGT in the future.. we will discuss it afterwards, or it could be just me, myself doing speedrun, for myself, racing myself.. that will be completely boring and sad..

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Hi @ZacharyLaw,

As you may already know, I'm a quite fan and runner of the "The Room" serie. :) I see you're feeling quite alone. I wish I could join you on this adventure, but for now, my phone is waaay too slow. (Maybe I'll make my first try on Emulator).

For recording on mobile phone, there is an option on most android's phone which is called mirror screen (It can have other names). There is, on Windows 10, a "Connect" software which can be used to display your phone on Windows. With this, just using a regular split soft like LiveSplit and recording with OBS can do the job.

I also see you're alone on the moderation of the game. Considering the message you sent on the WR (GG, btw :) ), i'd like to propose myself as moderator of the game (I wish to become moderator of the serie) :D

Thanks for your idea. If I can, I may create a guide for those who want to record on phones.

Hong Kong

Thanks for the offering, but no thanks, it's good to know there method in recording phone gameplays. But if you mind submit a speedrun and see hows the finish producation, how your method of recording will end up with. Id like to tell you that its hightly impossible to play this game in emulator, it includes 2 fingure actions. Anyways thanks.


Hello. How did you do with the stopwatch please? I recorder on my computer and I put the stopwatch after?

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You can either use a timer as you play or edit a timer into the video afterwards. Either method is acceptable.


Ok thank you very much

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Connecticut, USA

Now that I think about it, a timer isn't even necessary, as long as the time at the end is clearly visible after the fade to black, that's all we need.

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