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Disney didn't renew their SecuROM subscription (I think) and it seems that the game is unplayable on steam right now (its delisted already) if you didn't have it installed before that happened. Any idea what can be done?


Pretty sure you just can't buy it digitally anymore (so as long as you own it, you can install and uninstall it as much as you want). So if you wanna buy it, I guess the only options you have are either to buy it physically somewhere, or get it from some key-selling website (which I'm pretty sure will still work).


The thing is, I own it on Steam already, but apparently after reinstalling it won't work anymore (according to steam forums), I'll install it right now and make sure if that's really the case.


Yes, sadly it's no longer working. Even manual registration through SecuROM website is not working anymore. Game is forever dead if you re-install.

Auto registration:

Manual registration:

I hope someone will find a way to revive it somehow. Disney disappoints once again.


Managed to bypass SecuROM, if anyone else has that problem and wants to fix it - message me on Steam, I'll help.