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Would it be possible to get a separate section for Any% Glitchless? I am going to be running the game glitchless tomorrow and kinda don't want it randomly interspersed with the glitched runs, I understand Gef89 has a glitchless run too, it just means we can compare times easier. Many thanks 🙂


Have a separate tab for glitchless category is nice, but if you add all the parameters: any%/100%, ss/segmented and all glitches/airwalkless/glitchless it will be a lot of categories 😕 maybe the best solution is a table with multiple entrances like tr2013 and rise of the tomb raider... (select separately difficulty, completion etc...)

About the rules, airwalkless and glitchless categories need a little conversation, because the definition of glitches is not clear. I give you my opinion, tell me yours after 🙂

Airwalkless category:
all tricks allowed except airwalk of course, and ubj (the fall cancel can be allowed, personnally i'm ok with that but it can be discussed).
supposition about WR : 1h04m46s by me, 2nd place : fateinhaze 1h04m48s

Glitchless category:
airwalk : not allowed
ubj / fall cancel : not allowed
roll left bug : not allowed
grenade fall cancel: i don't know for this one

rope skip: allowed
skip after qte (little "enigma"): allowed

grenade skip: allowed

billboard skip: allowed

"airwalkless skip" = series of jumps after stop the waterfall to skip the half of the level : not allowed

door skip (when you do a back roll against the door to activate the checkpoint/trigger): for me it's good but maybe not for everyone, to be discussed (NB: it concerns a lot of others examples, particularly in Japan)
Tesla skip (with the box to go on the platform): allowed

I think there is no skip to talk about glitch or not, if you delete all the case i have done before the level by level case.

damage cancel spot (i remember there are several in all the game but I don't know the other spots, just this one near the plane's wreck): not allowed
box enigma skip (at the end, with the grapple): allowed

supposition about WR: 1h15m19s by dsharper, this time exist but i don't know if it's the IGT or the RTA (no video).

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Anniversary has a glitchless tab tho 🙁

Anyway I'm new to tomb raider speedrunning (even tho I've probably watched all runs a thousand times for every game) so... Hi!
Still I think that adding glitchless tab would be kinda cool even tho seems like noone really runs it all that much???

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