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I've noticed some new people have taken an interest in speedrunning Trespasser, but have been submitting their runs with only real time attack (RTA) timing and no in-game time (IGT).

It would be much better for the leaderboard to be based on IGT rather than RTA, as it is a PC game so loading times fluctuate immensely.

In order to track IGT for your runs you must do the following:

1. Create a new Notepad file and paste in the following script:

state("tpassp6") {
bool isLoading : "tpassp6.exe", 0x64B484;

isLoading {
return current.isLoading;

Then save this as a .asl file.

2. Open Livesplit and create a new layout.

3. In the layout editor, click the + icon then select the scriptable autosplitter under the control tab.

4. Go to layout settings and click browse, then select your .asl script file using a suitable file path.

5. Save your changes and enjoy an automated IGT timer.


If Livesplit is not correctly displaying IGT after using this script try the following solutions:

1. Ensure Livesplit is set to display IGT for your splits and timer in both the timer, and layout settings.

2. Ensure the script uses the correct executable name. For example the script shown here uses the "tpassp6" executable as it is intended to be run on this patch.

Hope this was helpful and enjoy Trespasser!

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Quick question, why not add it to the official LiveSplit Autosplitters so it's automatically available when someone sets the game in their splits to "Trespasser"?
Or at least share it as a download in Resources.

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