Few questions from beginner
6 years ago

Hello everybody,

I am a new in TR II speedruns and could not find answers for questions that I have in mind, so I ask you for help.

  1. When doing 100 % runs either ILs or full runs, are there any stats how many Kills/items each map has? I found a walkthrough page where these stats are in this link: http://tombraiders.net/stella/tomb2.html#walk Can I trust that source?

  2. Grenade launcher seems to mess up kill count after you finish map. Is it a bug or does it happen randomly from time to time?

  3. I own a GOG version of TR II and I saw people providing the type of (.exe) their run had. Where can I find this info?

  4. 100 % segmented category has to be measured by RTA each level separately or can I use IGT at the end of each map?

Thank you for your time reading this. Have a nice day

Czech Republic


I think it would be better to ask on our discord server. Forums are kinda 2000-ish if you know what I mean :)


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Because this post has been viewed a decent bit, I will go ahead and provide direct answers here, but I will also encourage anyone in a similar position to OP to join our Discord server.

  1. For the most part, Stella's excellent guides are correct throughout the classic TRs. There are a few edge cases where there are actually more/less enemies than what Stella's guide states, so no, it is not a completely reliable resource to perform 100% speedruns. But yes, we do have those statistics and we could share whatever specific stats you need; we have some spreadsheet resources on here and Discord.

  2. It is an in-game bug, grenade launcher kills are doubly counted. When performing/verifying 100% runs, the player/moderator has to do a little extra work and/or memorization to be sure all enemies were killed.

  3. If you are asking about version history and information, this is available in TXT files in the version archive we distribute. (At the time of writing this post, links to said archive is only available through Discord but will soon be available in a newer resource linked on this site.)

  4. Full-game segmented runs are ranked based off of the IGT from the end-game stats screen; select View rules while looking at the Segmented tab on the leaderboard for a complete description of Segmented-specific rules.

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