Found a guy did 100% speedrun
5 years ago
Hong Kong At this link, then speedrun you will find cambingila, did 100% speedrun 1hur25min in pc. I dont think its legit, and even till now nobody can define The Room 100% speedrun is , is it read all notes and letters? Is it find all code and password? Plus, howlongtobeat site seems unknown, i never ever hear of this unti i google speedruns. So should we open new category for 100% speedrun or nah?

Bretagne, France

Hello ZacharyLaw,

If this guy doesn't ask for this and show his race, we can't tell him if it's legit or not.

I don't think we could easily define what a 100% run could really be. For me, the most complete and precise run existing is the any% with Epilogue.

Anyway, if the moderators wish to add a 100% run with precise objectives, I'm listening. But for me and considering the game, I don't really think it could be relevant.

Connecticut, USA

There's not much that can be done without seeing a video, but I just wanted to put in my two cents. I feel that 100% would involve doing all of the puzzles and refraining from completing puzzles without all of the clues (like the symbol combination lock in Chapter 2).

Although that would be an interesting challenge, it would slow down the game which is the complete opposite of a speed run. I agree with @Guilvegane that considering the game, the any% + Epilogue would fit the criteria for 100%.

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