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Hey everyone! Very happy about this TAS. I spent a total of 3-4 days on this TAS. I started this last year around November but never finished it. But now it is finally done. Thank you all for the support and love.

For those curious this timing is via PS1 load times this run would have been a 36:09 if I was able to use FDS (Fast Disc Speed) from the PS2.

Me (Who worked on this TAS)
Jumpyluff - Got me into running this game and taught me Spaceport Skip aka End me please jump.
Girtana1 - For pushing and telling me to work on this.
Midnaait - Being a great person to play against for the World Record and a cool friend.
The amazing devs for Bizhawk
Lastly my mom for getting me into videos games and having this game being my first video game back in 2002 when this game came out.

This TAS can be improved by 4-5 seconds. Sub 36 at this point in time seems unlikely UNLESS a new strat can be found that saves 5 seconds+.

Again thank you all for everything! - Taven

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Well, I can tell you sub 36 is totally possible for FDS since you can speedup that scroop boss by around 7 to 10 seconds, the rest of the stuff was near to perfect imo
Great work for making a TAS for this game, makes me go back and re-run again Kappa

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I saw room for improvement. Most obvious example is 204 dubloons at second elevator. There are also places where I would have used the glider more, like in the first room of underground montressor a bit earlier. Also I could've sworn there was a jump to skip the first switch after the shooting bird challenge, but I could be wrong there. Makin' me wanna do some more testing tavenboi. Good shit.

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Thanks dad its a shitty tas going to do more testing with Midnaait for sure and bring it down way more your welcome to help out and what not.


This need work. Big time.


Obv F1 ill work on a newer one some other time.