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"unable to enumerate a suitable device", I'm sure anyone who tried to run the PC version knows this error

Solutions I found on the internet:
- Set the game to run as an older system (Windows 98 is said more often than the others).
Tried that, doesn't wok.
- Reboot you PC to 2 GB of RAM (or less?).
I've seen that it works (didn't try that), but I really don't wanna do that.
- DGVooDoo.
A program that emulates old graphics cards. I tried everything there and it doesn't solve the problem. It might be my fault, maybe I missed something.

If it helps, these are my specs:
- Intel i5 4590 3.3 GHz
- Nvidia GTX 960 2GB
- 8 GB RAM (see: reboot)
- Windows 8.1

I want to try to solve that before I use an emulator. It has the cutscenes and better music from of PS1, and the better sound effect of the N64.
¤ The Dreamcast version also has both, so I'll try that before the two above.

Does anyone know about a somewhat official patch for modern PCs? I hope it's not spam and that you can help me.


Add me on skype - heres my name xyxbanjoxyx

I can help you run it.


Basically any sort of modern Nvidia card isn't going to work with the PC version period, no matter what you do, even through things like virtual machines with emulated old GPUs, it just won't happen. You can still get it running on your computer, although it will be a tad more of a hassle, but here's how to do it:

Go into the bios on your computer, and find the option to use external graphics (sometimes called PEG). You need to switch this to use your internal graphics (basically the graphics chip built into your intel CPU.) Upon doing this, save and reboot. You will now need to unplug your monitor(s) and plug them into your motherboard since you are now using internal graphics. Boot up and run the game like normally and it should be fine.

On top of this, to get it to run better you can use DXWnd to run the game in windowed mode, and make sure you check the optimize cpu checkbox when adding Toy Story 2 (sometimes called reduce CPU load) as well as the hybrid mode checked. This will help to run the game smoother as well, so I would recommend it even if you don't want to run in windowed mode.

Lastly, you can get the game running even smoother if you run FRAPS in the background. Don't have fraps show your FPS or record or anything, just literally having FRAPS running in the background doing notihng while playing Toy Story 2 helps it run at a more constant 60fps for whatever reason, so yeah.


Thank you both! brandonhill helped me bia Skype. Now I can run the game, but fraps doesn't help reducing the lags.


Can you use the powers of hex editing the exe to make the game run fine on modern GPU's? It has been done with Metal Gear Solid, so it is possible.


No, the reason that it doesn't run well on modern PCs has to do with how the game was made, it's not something that can be easily fixed. Basically it's just using a really old version of DirectX with a bunch of depleted features, so as you get more modern hardware/software, those depleted features stop working entirely which is what causes the issues. Basically the PC version is a sort of a port of the PS1 version (which was the original version developed). In order to actually get it to run well on modern PCs properly, then entire port would have to be redone, basically from the ground up, just utilizing the engine and assets from the PS1 version.

Edit: I no longer think this is the case, I now believe it is an initialization issue


voltex made a tutorial on a method that will work work on most, if not all PCs


Still doesn't work with my setup, but if that can get it running on more PCs, then great! I'll play around with some settings and see if I can get any sort of emulation to work. My current theory is that the game WILL in fact run natively on any modern card, but there are initialization problems. I think it can be fixed. I will look into it when I have a bit more time, but it's looking good.


We now have a more reliable way working to get this running on a lot more PCs. I will try to get around to making a video of this new method at some point. Until then, this is a quick summary of how to do it:

Download DGVoodoo, and extract it into the Toy Story 2 install folder (commonly C:\Program Files\Disney Interactive\Toy Story 2). Now you must copy the 3 .dll files within the MS folder from the extracted DGVoodoo files into the root install folder for Toy Story 2 (same as above, commonly: C:\Program Files\Disney Interactive\Toy Story 2).

From here, run the dgVoodooSetup.exe as an administrator, then click the Add button near the top right of the window, and add the root install folder for Toy Story 2 (again, same folder as mentioned above). Once you've done this, you can set the settings in dgvoodoo to match these screenshots:

Just a couple notes about those settings:
For the setting under "Adapter(s) to use/enable", you can first try to set this to your system's GPU (could be a dedicated card or an integrated GPU such as some intel graphics). If you do this and you are still getting the error message "unable to enumerate device", go back and change this setting to "All of them".

These settings will launch the game in windowed mode, which is preferred by most people. If you would prefer fullscreen, changing the radio box in the general tab from windowed to full screen SHOULD change it to run in fullscreen mode.

Ok, after you've set DgVoodoo's settings to reflect those screenshots, simply click the "OK" box to close DgVoodoo. Now you should be able to go back to the install folder, and run "toy2.exe" to launch the game properly. If you get an error message that is not the "unable to enumerate device" error, you may have to run toy2.exe as an administrator for the game to work properly. You can do this by right clicking on toy2.exe and clicking run as administrator, or simply by creating a shortcut to toy2.exe, then editing the properties of that shortcut to tell it to always run as an administrator (when launched through the shortcut).

Once you have done this, the game should launch to the resolution selection screen. Here, choose your GPU in the first option (whether this be your dedicated gpu, i.e. Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti, or your integrated graphics, i.e. Intel 6400 Graphics). Make sure that it is selected for Hardware Rendering, then select a resolution of 800x600 for optimal load times (for some reason, the resolution seems to have an impact on load times, regardless of how fast your computer is). If you're simply playing casually, feel free to pick any resolution you would like.

This will get the game running. In order to further optimize the game, you need to actually limit the max framerate of the game in your GPU driver to 30fps. The game will try to run at 60fps by default, which can cause issues, such as disks not tracking properly, zurg dodging way too fast/far, etc. The process for nvidia cards is to download and run nvidia inspector, click on this button showed in the picture:

Then you must change the following setting under Toy Story 2 Action Game, as shown in this gif:

This should hopefully get the game up and running smoothly on PC.

As I said, I hope to eventually make a video detailing this process, being a bit easier to follow along, but this post will have to suffice for now.


Thanks. Brandon uploaded a video explaining the DGVoodoo method long ago, which solved my problem (I tried using that method before, but couldn't find the correct settings). There are still some minor graphic hiccups, but nothing more.

I'm surprised to find that the game runs better at 30FPS, furthermore, that might solve my Zurg issue. However, that also happened on my old Win98 PC. I can't recall the framerate on that system, but I think it was 60fps as well (if it was even possible back in the day). I will try to optmize the settings when I'm near my PC.


I've created a modified installer and an accompanying video showing how to install/run for maximum compatibility.

As far as we know, this is currently the best way to get the game running on the widest variety of computers (however it still does not fix EVERY computer having issues)

P.S. We now suggest NOT limiting the framerate of the game.


If it still doesn't work, can you pass the "-log" parameter to toy2.exe and upload the contents of toy2.log to ?


Is this the whole file? If not, please upload the part between "BEGIN EXAMINE MACHINE" and "END EXAMINE MACHINE" too.


dgVoodoo isn't working properly for you. Make sure you're running it as admin and have all the appropriate settings