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The community decided on this for accuracy since n64 console is not even remotely the same as emulator.

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Still needed to happen from the start. I don't know why it went this long without it.

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This seems a bit arbitrary considering the site literally already has had this feature built in....


Also before you waste your time typing a reply listing a few similarities between the two and acting like they are exactly the same, allow me to explain why they are fundamentally different.
There are different connotations that come with a sub category. Using a sub category generally implies that there is some quantifiable difference in some area. Your idea of a 1.0 cart with basement clip is a myth. Every single cart that has been tested has shown that basement clip is either impossible or very very difficult. It doesn't work the same as emulator. Unless you show that this fabled 1.0 cart exists, it is fairy tale.
Also the lag is so drastic to the point where to convert from emulator to console is almost like an entirely new game. You must adjust almost every aspect of gameplay to be even remotely fluent as you once were.
Filters are nice but they don't come with the same implication that there is something very different about both Emulator and Console. Having them on the same board implies that there is a choice between the two and that nothing is different. This is the reason for the change. Emulator should never be the dominant force anyway. It got so bad because you and Passive didn't see anything wrong with it. It was because at that time, you guys were naive to the differences.And that's fine. Now we know that they can't be compared. Adjust your world view to the facts.

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I don't believe I've ever said they're exactly the same thing. I've always just been an advocate for always just running the game however you want. I would have to say that I agree with your post all the way up until you say:
"Emulator should never be the dominant force anyway...."

I think that if you want to run the game, you should be able to play the game in any way you want. You shouldn't have to feel obligated to go out and buy a console/game/capture card just to start speedrunning because you're shunned for using an emulator. It's that sort of barrier to entry that keeps people away.

I don't have a problem separating the two, and even if I did I certainly wouldn't go around changing stuff haphazardly without some sort of general consensus first. I also don't have a problem if the community wants to decide that running on console should be the default, my only concern is I don't want to ostracize people who might want to run it on an emulator either.

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Question: Now as N64/EMU is here. Where are all the other categories like any/100% for Dreamcast etc? They used to be on the meme-LBs, but they aint what happened to them?

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I don't think there is a demand for Dreamcast runs at the moment. If they did exist at some point, it was so that an arbitrary world record could be attained.


"Unless you show that this fabled 1.0 cart exists, it is fairy tale."
Just going to throw this in here, No-Intro, which collects good ROM dumps from cartridge-based consoles, does have two separate versions of Toy Story 2 listed:

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