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I have a serious question, since I'm REALLY tired of losing runs to some dumb enemies dispawning and then reapearing and blasting me off. WHY do we run on hard? There seem to be no reason to do that as every trick is doable on easy. It only adds frustration to certain parts of a run (General, Escape the Jungle, Save the DEA). If there is no real reason why it is like that I'd like to push a vote to change it to easy.
I really like running this game, but losing runs just because enemies who can oneshot me deside to disappear and reappear, or take 5 shotgun shots in a face and not die to then blast me off in one hit - that is not fun, nor it makes game more challenging - it is just dumb. That game has some randomness and still can kill you on easy, but lower levels of insane frustration will definetely help.
Really want to hear what other people think, and also learn why hard is the choice.

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Not much to add, just a general agreement to what Tezur0 already said. My guess to why it's hard is that the first run was done so so everyone needs to follow that. I see no reason for why it would be so though. Since all that hard does, is increase the chance of having to re-set and that's literally all. It's speedrunning, souldn't we be able to run the game in a way it can be done the quckest? If there is some hidden, game breaking reson, then why not add a category?


looks like the mods have better things to do than checking the forums. wanted to run this too, but since the answer about difficulty is still unanswered after almost a month, i don't really know 😕


I'm really glad src has such good notifications about forum posts, only saw this today.

Simply put, I was the first person to run the game and when I started, I could not tell any difference between the difficulties and started running on Hard because it sounds more impressive. If the question is still in the air, I think a leaderboard variable for the difficulty could be a good change. Thoughts?

And while I'm at this, wtf am I still doing moderating a game I haven't ran in years? Time for new mods perhaps? @Tezur0?


Funny thing - when I got to grinding for wr, I actually managed to understand game way better, there still is some difference between easy and hard, but mostly you can ignore it if study game enough.
I'm not against becoming mod for this as I have 100% plans for it, aswell as improving any% further.
This question is still up in the air, but I will do tutorial soon, where I'll likely adress all annoying parts.
I'll do couple of testing runs on easy to see how much of difference that is.


Well I went ahead with this and added difficulty as a variable, made all existing runs default to Hard and added Tezur0 as a mod. I'll unmod myself soon, just sticking around for a bit in case someone notices that I broke something when adding the variable.

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