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There's one for regular Any%. I was wondering if there's any specific reason why there isn't for New Game+.


We usually don't add a category unless there are people actually running it so we don't have excessive numbers of categories. When the Zombie hover glitch was discovered there was still a desire from multiple top runners to continue doing runs without this glitch, so the split was made there, but there has not been anything similar for NG+ so far.

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The reason for no NG+ Glitchless category is because almost all the runs on the NG+ board use the Zombie Jump glitch. Only exception being Gedrith's run, which was done before Zombie Jump Glitch was discovered.

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Glitchless any% in new game changes the run a lot. In new game+, glitchless plays essentially the same as with glitches, only changes is that you are forced to go through the titan interior, and not having kaymless makes the run needlessly slower from community animations. In other words, there isn't much of a point in having a glitchless category for ng+.

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I see. Thanks for responding everyone.

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