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Hirexen and I have been talking and we have decided to change the timing for when the run ends. Time currently ends when Tom's head hits the ground, which is arbitrary, hard to tell when it happens, and is hard to actually split for. There is also the Tom Zombie glitch, which causes him to not die and the game to not end, so this would make sure time does not end before the game is over.

We are going to change the end timing to when the screen is completely black after defeating Tom after the HUD disappears, this is much more definitive to see when the run ends, and also easier to split. This is about 2.5 seconds later than the old timing, so I don't believe it pushes anyone to a higher minute mark.

The start of the run will remain the same, just the final split will change.

If anyone has any issues, let us know here, otherwise everyone's runs will be retimed to be accurate with the new timing rules.

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