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Aside from any%, I think "intended order" would be a fun category. Meaning:
- you have to go through the water mountain first (no shortcut)
- then to the city, down to the purple crystal
- get the frogs in this order: giant, lava, invisible, tiny, upside down
- do the bird level to get to the tiny frog (not sure about this though)
This also means you don't get to use any molehills you don't deserve.

Alternatively, "detour": get all the frogs without visiting the crystal. This makes some molehills unavailable, but the route will mostly be the same as in any%.

For a good 99% category, I suggest "visit the statue of Tokity". You need all the frogs AND all the wings to be able to reach it. But you don't need to fill the TokiDex (which would just be a chore).


Welp ... can count out All achievements category, least for me. Found the missing area I was missing. And it's not one that I missed, it just doesn't register to the secret area percentage for the achievement. This is the ONLY spot, that replays the secret area chime over and over when you walk over the trigger spot for it ( patch of grass).

Finally found this spot searching everywhere on my 99% file, and tested it on a fresh game start on any% file. Can skip to the 1 minute mark to see. Video just shows me getting to this area, and showing my percentage before doing this section.

Vulajin if you're ever bored and free time, can you test this on switch, see your percentage before and after you get to this spot


Could Blindfolded Category be a thing?


Don't really see them being competitive, and those can be tricky to actually prove. Would love to see one done, tho.


It might be interesting to have ILs where the player's goal is to begin at the start and rush to collect one of the five frogs. Naturally, there would be five categories, one for each frog. The problem we run into is that it might be faster to do multiple frogs in order to access the molehills early. In that case, it should be decided if molehills should be allowed at all.