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If you press up+a+b+c, then press right+a, down+b, and left+c in the pause menu, you’ll get every ship piece except one, which will be on the next floor guaranteed. Since we have short categories like hot tub, I feel like this wouldn’t be too bad of a category to add.

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Go ahead and give the run a shot. If you do, post a highlight of it in the discord to see if anyone else has interest in it. If some other people go ahead and give it a shot I can add it to the category list.

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Gotcha, my guy

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I gave Random World Cheat% a spin after the weekly races. Got it in 37.63 seconds after a couple tries.

It feels like basically the same as the Hot Tub% category, except with an even greater percentage of the run spent in the 1-to-2 elevator.

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