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Hey guys,

i was wondering what you guys think about adding ingame time as a second timing method which could just be the sum of all track times. supports having multiple timings, so we could have both real time and ingame time at the same time. Atm with just real time people with slow computers have a huge disadvantage because of the importance of loading times.


It's funny. I recently saw TM on r/speedrun and came here. I watched a few vids, and noticed that loads seemed to be a major issue because of the difference in their lengths. I came to the forum to pose my concerns, only to find that this post was made 22 minutes ago!

Nevertheless, even though I am not in the community, I definitely support this addition. I run at least one game that has this problem as well, and it has not been fixed. Either IGT or a component to remove loads would help. I would prefer a load remover because it would be more accurate to run against PBs with livesplit and pausing wouldn't cause a problem with the timing method.

If IGT is used, there are 2 rule additions I suggest:

1. If you pause the game, you must restart the current level, because you're pausing your IGT in the middle of a level. Restarting the level might not be the perfect penalty, but there should be one. Adding the time while paused to the IGT could also work.

2. If you restart a level completely, the IGT showed on the last frame before you restarted should be added to your total IGT.


Hey Sphere,

as you probably have seen it on the other threads (especially TMT) we are planning for big changes in the TrackMania section.
The game is going to be run from IGT in the near future but we have to watch all the uploaded runs and calculate the times so we have no loss of any data and this takes some time.

We are hoping to get the job done until mid october so we can all run every TrackMania game in IGT (except Platform, Puzzle and so on)

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That sounds awesome, really looking forward to that! Thx for your work!


Would also like an update on this 😛 It's been like 5 months now 😃


Whoops, what i wanted to write was thx for introducing IGT!