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Hey so I'm maybe planning on learning this game for the 12 hour speedrun challenge next month and I just had a few questions.

1) Are there any required tricks that are Japanese only or does english only lose time to text? I have the english version already but I don't want to spend too much money on a JP cart and I don't really like playing on emulator

2) Is there any place I can go to quickly ask other questions like a discord server or an irc channel?



To clarify something first, there's 3 different versions of this game. NTSC-U (North Americian), NTSC-J (Japanese), and EUR (European). Each being slightly different than each other.

1) There's a trick that's only available in the JP and EUR versions that skips 2/3 of a dungeon and the need for the Boss Key. As for the not wanting to spend too much money on a JP cart, they're usually fairy inexpensive being at around $25-$30 normally.

2) There's #tmc on the speedrunslive irc, or the TMC discord. Just ask quo or FalcoEagle for an invite to the discord