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Soon the Company "Analouge" will release the Analouge Pocket,
which is a handheld device that can play all GameBoy/GBA Games.

Apparently it does require Gamecards, and does not run them on an internal Emulator. It also already has an HDMI port, so recording should be no problem.

Is there already information out on how the Minish Cap Community will handle this one?

Analouge Pocket: https:/​/​www.​analogue.​co/​pocket/​

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It's very likely gonna be waaaaay better (accurate!) than WiiUVC, so my guess would be, that's it's gonna be allowed.

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unless they somehow mess it up like the Super Game Boy then it'll most likely be allowed


I plan to get this so i'll do my usual timing video when it's out. Judging by Analogue's past outings it should be extremely accurate. The only thing i'm concerned about is how it will handle HDMI output due to GBA's odd framerate. The GBA consolizer mod solves this by slightly overclocking the GBA, which obviously makes it inaccurate.

I'm hoping they'll go for something like adding an extra frame every now and then, or running it at the native framerate with the drawback of losing compatibility with some capture cards.

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