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If you play the ocarina, then get Ocarina Glitch and get picked up by the bird. Canceling the flight will let Link walk on water! Things seem to work normally on the water except bombs and rolling. Playing the ocarina again will make Link normal again. Those heart pieces can be picked up without canceling the glitch. It leads to making a Map glitch easier to reproduce which is also strange.
Walk on Water -
Trilby Map Glitch -
Lake Map Glitch -

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Yes this is known! Ocarina Glitch is what allow you to walk on water. Getting picked up by the bird allow to not softlock just like any non white transition when rolling and interracting with stuff. Also makes ennemies active instead of inactive and you can get hit.

When going to ToD, you also don't have to replay the Ocarina to not softlock if you are picked up by the bird.

The potential save for 100% is interesting. I wonder if it works with the current route.

EDIT: yeha know I dumb it can't work since you cancel OG that way rip