Downpatching - Recommanded Versions
Downpatching - Recommanded Versions
Updated 3 years ago by mrtiger92

So, if you want to do the current Any% Routes you need to downpatch your version of Titan Quest, because there are glitches that got fixed (mainly the skillpoint duplication).

To Downpatch, read this guide (not mine, but good general guide on how to get older deposits):

The current WR Run (as of 2020-08-11) uses the following depots:

Anniversary Edition Base: download_depot 475150 475151 577908158312147598 Ragnarök DLC: download_depot 475150 741350 5025189602076364875 Atlantis DLC download_depot 475150 1071200 5976624060548769323

To run on the older version follow these steps:

  1. backup your version of Titan Quest in the steam library (optional, if you want to play casually on newer versions)
  2. If you have Atlantis, uninstall it by un-checking the DLC in the steam game page
  3. download the two deposits
  4. merge the Resources-Folder from the Ragnarök-deposit into the one from the Aniversary Edition
  5. Move the result to the place where the original Titan Quest Version was before
  6. Run ;)
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