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The video quality is too smooth even for component cables. You would still have evidence of video noise in the analog to digital conversion. There is none present. The 16-235 YUV levels are ignored.

Audio: There is no audio buzzing which would also somewhat be apparent in the audio due to being captured with the white and red audio plugs. Example:

Real run (check 7 seconds loading screen when no game audio is present):

Then check 1st place at 18 seconds... no buzzing:

His accuracy on average is 10% higher than everyone else who did a run...

They most likely played on PCSX2 Tool assist fashion with save states to emulate a "very good run". This explains why the video and audio quality has no analog to digital imperfections and why the accuracy is so much higher.

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Well, I can't say I haven't been expecting this at some point or another, mainly because I was unable to record myself performing these runs and they were not streamed live. It's flattering that the runs are good enough for someone to believe they are faked.

Although I can't speak much to the technical points made here, I can give some information in my own defense.

I do use component cables with an Elgato HD unit to record. I toggle multiple setting in the Elgato program, such as sound levels and brightness and saturation to add depth of color and a better overall picture(Personally, I am a stickler for high quality and enjoy to see older games portrayed in the best possible light on their natural hardware).

I have experienced buzzing with my Xbox to a terrible degree to where I had to purchase a ground loop isolator to fix the problem. I have never noticed any buzz while recording on my PS2.

While I believed the flashing on the screen per shot could only be accomplished in real play(as this is how light guns work), I have found after some research that it is possible to replicated through PCSX2.

If I were the actual world record holder, of course my accuracy would be higher. I've owned this game(along with TC1 and TC3) since the time of release so I already knew the game well before I started running it seriously. You can also watch my progression from a low 13 minute run to the low 12 minute run. I choose different paths along the way and have learned which enemies to kill first in order to force the next set to spawn.

There are still better players than me. If Smraedis( ran these games for time instead of score, I'm sure his times would rival mine. I tried for almost a year to break his 2 million record on this game and came close with a 1.7 million. This was also the basis for learning the game for time.

At any rate, I feel as though there are better and more in-depth methods of proving that these runs are real/fake. I am not capable of these methods. The only thing I can tell you is that I sat fairly close to my television to achieve them. In the meantime, I will work on record myself getting a solid time in an attempt to prove my abilities.

That's my piece. Thanks for reading.


How can you tell? @tablecloth56, Do you accusing that guy of cheats because he having a better actual capture cards is that all?

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