Story Mode (NG, easy) end screen in Australia??
4 months ago

I just got the end screen in Australia? I was running Story Mode (NG, easy) and when I quit my arcade run and talked to Tony, after skipping the cutscenes I didnt spawn as Beaverhausen nor received Tonys sms ("Lets Go!") but instead got the end screen ("Congrats, you finished Story Mode on easy").

Im not entirely sure what happened there and unfortunately I didnt record it, but is this a known/common thing? Never happened to me before. After the title screen it sent me to the Pro Skater level, but when I hit level select it remained locked with only Training to Australia being available.

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North Carolina, USA

Hello! Yes, this is a well-known glitch and is referred to as text storage. It occurs when you start a new run before seeing the "Story Mode Complete" screen in the same session. Just some weird shenanigans with it buffering it at a later point (it can happen as early as Boston iirc). Obviously banned.