Spliting different platform versions (THPS4)
5 years ago

I think THPS4 should have divisions like in the THPS3 category, splitting between different gen platforms. Like such:


Just because the PS1 (5th Gen) and GBA versions are completely different games, sharing only the title name with the PS2, PC, XBOX and GNC versions (6th Gen)

On a side note, the current category "All Goals" of the THPS4 (Playstation 1 - 5th Gen) it's Any% too.

That's because in order to beat the game and get the credits scene, you need to reach the final level , which requires all the goals being unlocked.

So "Any%" and "All Goals" runs are basically the same.


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Thanks for the heads up about the slight inaccuracy with PS1 THPS4. When I get the time later today or tomorrow (this weekend at the latest), I will update leaderboards with that in mind.

As for the console versions, I will also update it accordingly. As you said, they are all different games from one another, so it is only fair THPS4 would get the same treatment. (Only reason we probably didn't do it before was that we had no one run the games outside of the 6th gen version of THPS4).

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I hate to revive old threads, but I think it's time to follow through on some changes here. Despite having the same name, all of these versions are very different games. It is standard on speedrun.com to separate the games out instead of cluttering one leaderboard with different games. However, the 5th and 6th gen stuff is none of my business whatsoever so I'm not objecting to the board in its current state at all. I organized a race of the GBA version and there are a few times that need submitting now. GBA is a platform on this leaderboard despite there being no available categories for it. I'd like to request a separate game similar to this one for the GBA version. I'm open to moderating it or just giving my thoughts and having the series mods handle it, whatever is best!

Hello, THPS4 community! I recently completed a speedrun of this game but it's the GBA version. If you don't mind pointing me in the general vicinity of where I submit my run that would be fantastic!

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You can currently submit runs to the main speedrun page of this game.

edit: after 2 minutes of looking around it looks like you are friends with the poster "jumpyluff" and likely know the situation already.

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https://i.imgur.com/Jotbker.png Which leaderboard should I ignore a rule on?

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There is precedent to allow the run. Don't worry I would not intentionally give you incorrect information.

Feel free to post under the main game for now or wait until the new board is created.

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Hi! I have a simple question. Is there any chance 5th gen ePSXe version runs can be submitted with Real Time?

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According to this list of recommended emulators for THPS games (https://pastebin.com/3MdnwLph), you'll be wanting to use ePSXe version 1.9.25 or 2.0.0 for your runs. The 5th gen leaderboards do not currently use in-game time, so you will only need to submit real time.

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Thanks for response joerandom! So I can avoid using autosplitter? "you'll be wanting to use ePSXe version 1.9.25 or 2.0.0 for your runs" 2.0.5 is good or I need to downgrade it?

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The autosplitter that appears by default in LiveSplit is only for the 6th gen PC version of this game. I'm not familiar with Playstation emulators, but 2.0.5 should be fine as long as there aren't any major issues with the way it emulates the game.

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