Adjustment to Rules
7 years ago
Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Due to a lot of discussions regarding the timing and the categories, I made a few changes that of course can further be discussed for the future. For now, these new rules seem to be canon:

100%: Timer starts from first input. Adjusting settings before the timer is allowed. Idling before the settings are opened or between closing the settings and starting the timer is banned. This is to prevent people waiting for their first input in order to achieve a more preferable cloud cycle. Idling is for now defined as "anything that takes longer than 3 seconds" but common sense is definitely recommended.

Any%: Timer starts from first input. Idling is not important but still banned.

Low%: Changed from 118 to 117, Timer starts from first input. Idling is not important but still banned.

The Challenge (All Lasers): Changed to a default category. Timer starts from first input, Idling is banned, Timer ends when the challenge is completed (rather than backtracking to the final elevator for the regular ending).

Added "All Pannels" category that just requires the regular 523 pannels as completion.

"99.7%" (no eclipse) added as a misc category - it's mainly considered as a marathon category and I highly recommend to not perceive it as a "better 100%" category. It will definitely stay a misc category for now. Regular 100% is the actual competitive category here.

"107%" (100%+Audiologs) will only be added when we finish a required tracker tool that has to show the complete progress of the run (in works apparently).

Added Arctice as a super mod since he knows codes'n'shit and can help me out with leaderboard formation and in case something breaks.

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Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Rule Change:

100%, 99.8% and All Pannels no longer require to end the run at the elevator puzzle. This allows for the end elevator to be done during the run. Save+Load during the cutscene is allowed but the game has to continue from the same load.

Oh never mind it's April Fools Day and I'm really stupid. (I even submitted a fake Witness run to try and contact the moderators.)

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